Correct Application

Correct application in case of dry skin or atopic dermatitis

The idea that using moisturisers makes the skin “lazy” and thus prompts it to produce even less oil was soundly disproven long ago.

Nevertheless, insufficient quantities of lotions are often used, as a result of which the skin condition does not improve decisively or the risk of a fresh attack of atopic dermatitis is not entirely minimised.

It would be ideal if the entire body was treated with lotion all the time, but if at least the most affected areas of skin are moisturised regularly, then much is accomplished.

You can see from the table how much lotion is optimally recommended by doctors and hospitals. The amount of cream that fits on the fingertip of the index finger of an adult is used as a simple measure. This is enough to treat an area of skin approximately twice the size of an adult’s palm.

It is also important to apply the lotion not just once a day, but at least twice, as the skin can only absorb a limited amount of oil at a time.

Itching can be a very reliable gauge of whether or not one is moisturising properly. It increases particularly when lotion is being applied in inadequate amounts or too infrequently.