Linola Radio-Derm

The aim when developing Linola Radio-Derm was to create an effective and, at the same time, well tolerated cream. After all, if creams are used which have not been proven to relieve radiodermatitis, skin problems can be exacerbated.

  • Tested on radiodermatitis patients at the University Hospital of Kiel, Germany
  • Effectiveness and tolerability
  • Fast relief of itching
  • A milk-like consistency which is quickly absorbed and does not clog the skin
  • Can be very easily spread and without additional irritation of the skin
  • Cooling cream with an extra-low lipid content (water content 83%, lipid content 10%)
  • Contains no fragrances, colourants, mineral oils or silicone


The respective information is up-to-date, but it is only related to the product marketed in Germany. Therefore, for legal reasons the shown product or part of the information are only in German and  there may be deviations with the product available on your market.